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Singapore is not very big, and its excellent public transportation system makes it feel even smaller in terms of getting around easily and quickly. Singapore has a large Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network of trains that form the backbone of the city's public transport system, as is the local bus system. In addition to the standard ways of getting around, you may have the chance to take a trishaw, or three-wheeled bicycle taxi, if you rent a serviced apartment in Singapore near the river or Chinatown. You might also consider taking a sightseeing tour on one of the SIA Hop-on buses. There are also touristy bumboats (small water taxis) which sail point-to-point on the Singapore River. Cycling in Singapore is not recommended, though the city is quite walker-friendly.

Public Transportation:
The MRT and LRT (Light Rail Transit) trains are clean, cheap, and reliable, which means they are your best bet for getting around Singapore. Many of the train stations even have free toilets. Buses are also abundant, though they are slower and more difficult to use than the trains. The advantage to taking the bus is that you can see the city out the windows. Either way, if you're going to be using Singapore's MRT or bus system regularly, you would be wise to get one of the EZ-link RFID fare cards or a NETS FlashPay Card, which will save you lots of time in the long run. Just load your card with money and your fare will be 15% cheaper when you use the card to ride the MRT trains and buses. If you would rather not buy a card, you can purchase single tickets from inside buses and trains.

Many people use taxis as reasonable and effective public transport in Singapore. You can flag down a taxi from the curb anywhere outside Singapore's Central Business District (CBD), or call to book a cab ahead of time, and they'll pick you up in front of any of our short term rentals in Singapore. However, be aware that it will be nearly impossible to book a taxi during peak travel time between 4pm and 8pm. There are a number of large taxi companies in Singapore, including Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, Transcab Services, Taxi Singapore, and CityCab Singapore.

Few visitors to Singapore rent cars, because traffic here is thick and public transport is much cheaper and quicker. Gas prices are very high and taxes are also quite expensive. Plus, there is really no need to drive since none of our serviced apartments in Singapore are located very far from convenient public transport.

Singapore is served by Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), which deserves its reputation as efficient, friendly, and clean. This airport is like a city unto itself and even has a movie theater and swimming pool along with many shops and restaurants. SIN has been dubbed "Best Airport in the World" and "Best International Airport" multiple times. The staff is helpful and the service is excellent. You can fly all over Asia from SIN, and the airport is a common place for Europe-to-Australia flights to stopover.

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