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Singapore, known to some as the Lion City, is a diverse, high-tech city that houses a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian, all living alongside many expats. Like many old cities, Singapore is an interesting blend of ancient and modern, which is evident from its British colonial architecture and English-speaking society that mingle with the Chinese and Hindu temples and shiny skyscrapers. You will find something different in every pocket of Singapore, from festivals to food to natural attractions and museums. Serviced Apartments Singapore will help you find a Singapore short term rental in the neighborhood of your choice. See below to learn more about your range of possibilities.

Orchard Road:
Also called the Orchard area, this is Singapore’s bustling, flashy city center. A typical expats will rent a pricey Singapore serviced apartment on Orchard Road in order to be close to international schools, businesses, shopping, and entertainment. If you want to have everything at your fingertips while in Singapore, consider staying in the Orchard Area for access to more shopping malls than you could imagine. This area has been compared to New York’s Fifth Avenue and Paris’ Champs-Elysees. Some say that Orchard Road contains the highest concentration of malls in the world. As this is one of the newest areas in Singapore, you will not find many cultural landmarks here.

River Valley:
Just south of Orchard Area, River Valley takes up space on both sides of the Singapore River and is home to some of the most expensive short term rentals in Singapore. Like in the city center, many expats settle in River Valley to be close to the action. There’s great nightlife here, and because of this things can get noisy at night.

Marina Bay:
Near the Central business district in south Singapore, Marina Bay has been built up tremendously in recent years and has a young, energetic vibe. It is set to become Singapore’s new elite neighborhood, full of expensive residences, office towers, and even a Venetian-style piazza. You are sure to find lots of shopping and dining here, which is another reason why the Marina area is one of the most sought after locations for short term rentals Singapore.

East Coast:
Beach-lovers will enjoy East Coast for its location near the beach. If you love the ocean, you can find an abundance of serviced apartments in Singapore with sea views here. This area is largely residential, and you can enjoy the 20 kilometers of beach along with East Coast Park, where you will find plenty of exercisers and outdoors-lovers. You can easily get to the city center and the airport from East Coast, and this is also the place to go for some great seafood.

Nightlife lovers will enjoy visiting Geylang, which holds Singapore’s legal red light district. No malls or skyscrapers have been built here yet, giving Geylang a charming, local feel. You will find lots of food stalls in this area overflowing with durians and other authentic fresh foods.

Little India:
Indians originally came to Singapore as convicts of the East India Company. These people helped create the city’s infrastructure and make Singapore what it is today. Many Indians still flock to Singapore looking for good fortune in business and education. They often settle in Little India, which is north of the British colonial district. Walking through this area, you will feel like you’re in India: smell the curries and perfumes, and listen to the Indian music and dialects wafting through the air. You can find anything and everything Indian in this part of town; it is worth a visit to ogle at the flower garlands and pots of colorful dye.

Complementing Little India, Chinatown is the heart of Singapore’s Chinese culture, and has been since the nineteenth century. You can still find traditional Chinese medicine practiced here in old buildings and you can peek into the charming shop houses. If that is not your thing, visit an authentic Chinese teahouse or stop by during Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinatown also has some beautiful old mosques and temples that are worth a look.

Bukit Timah:
If you want to live in a green area of Singapore, consider staying in one of our short term rentals Singapore in Bukit Timah, which is north-west of the city center and home to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This area is close to some international schools but is not as well-connected with public transport, so many people living here drive. Bukit Timah also houses many embassies and there are plenty of shopping and dining options.

Arab Street District:
Arab traders were working in Singapore long before the British arrived. The Arab Street District has been, and still is, where Singapore’s Malay-Muslim community congregates. Here you will find the Sultan Mosque along with plenty of coffee shops, and Halal restaurants serving delicious Indian and Malay food. With few cars and a cozy atmosphere, the Arab Street District feels much like a large village. If you’re shopping for textiles, carpets, antiques, artifacts, or jewelry, consider strolling through the Arab Street District and you’ll have a good chance of finding what you need.

Newton lies just north of the Orchard Area and is another popular place for expats to live. Rents are high here too, due to its proximity to the city center, and you will find many places to shop here.

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